Anti-Virus Installation

Our geeks can also develop web based applications for just about anything to best suit the requirements on your website.

Let us know how you would like to use your device and we will do our best to implement those wishes. Our customers are often surprised by the customization features we can offer.

What does all this mean?

While we are always careful and have control over the links we click on and know what to look out for, hackers and malware creators are working very hard to keep one step ahead of detection. In addition, Computers are used by teenagers who may not understand the threat and click on links that can compromise the computers' security.

First Line of Defense

Installation of a quality antivirus is the first step in defense against cyber-attacks. Correct configuration of the antivirus software is essential. The antivirus must be set up to automatically download new definitions or updates without any intervention by the user. Set up by an IT professional will ensure your system is protected from every angle and will protect your system with a minimum of user intervention.

System Resources

We only use the latest thin client antivirus as system resources are important. Some of the older architecture antivirus programs and constantly scanning your system searching for any threat that may be trying to penetrate your system. This uses valuable computer resources in the background and will ultimately reduce the computers overall performance.

Peace of Mind

Knowing a quality antivirus is installed on the system and having the application installed by an IT professional will provide ongoing protection against those trying to steal our information or compromise our computers' security.

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