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Email Account Set up

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Help setting up email and email troubleshooting

Email is essential in this day and age as more and more services are available online. We simply cannot function without email. We can come out to your home and set up your email account for you with your current email address. We can also help you set up new email accounts on your computer and help you to understand how email works with all the features included.

Setting up email accounts

All your email accounts, new and old, can be set up in one application making the process of checking email seamless by seeing all emails on one screen or setting up individual email on each user's device. Please speak to us about the options that are available.

Multiple Email Account Configuration

If one or more email accounts are needed in the home, we can configure multiple accounts with a variety of service providers. This includes work emails, google, Microsoft and many more.

Archive Old Emails

Most of us never have time to archive or backup our older emails and just leave them in their folders. This can cause unwanted clutter and impact on the performance of the computer, slowing down the system. Our technicians are skilled in setting up email backups and archives.

Email Account Optimization

Folder structures and optimization are essential. We can set up your email in a manner that will streamline the way that you use email. The features in email clients are very powerful and can assist you in mundane day to day tasks that can be automated