Data Backup, Restore, Recovery

Our geeks will make sure you never lose your data by backing up and recovering your data at utmost proficiency.

Data protection is critical and we can provide the knowledge required to set up automatic backups and transfer data to a new device. We record our lives on our computers and losing this data can be devastating. We provide a variety of options to recover your data from your computer even if the computer has stopped working. No matter what the device or computer is, we can assist in solving your problem. 

Protect your life's memories before it's too late.

Plan and configure before it is too late. We are seeing too many customers looking for data recovery as a result of not taking the steps to protect and backup your data and memories.

Configure automated backup

Backing up your device is essential as you never know what can happen to your personal computer. Our technician will run you through a step-by-step process that will provide you with the knowledge and training to be in control of the backup. This may include a local portable drive, internal system drive or use of cloud backup solutions.

Data Recovery and Failed Devices

Regardless of the data medium or device, we have the tools and the knowhow to exhaust every avenue when it comes to data recovery. Utilising specialized data recovery methods and software tools, we are successful in 85% of cases.

Data Recovery for Deleted Files

In a situation where you have made an error and deleted files on your device, we can help. Call us right away as time is of the essence here. Do not start taking saving photos and data on the device, please stop using the device and call us.

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