Hardware - Installation, Configuration, Fixing

We can install, configure and fixing any hardware and peripherals you require so that you are loaded with what’s best for you.

Geeks CRS hardware installation services include installing new hardware, updating drivers and optimising computer performance. Call today to make an appointment!

Computer upgrade services to your door

Our cost effective upgrade service helps you install new hardware you’ve already purchased or advise you on whether you need an upgrade and then assist with the supply and install of a variety of components including hard drives, RAM, SSD drive, optical drives, and graphics cards.

Our highly recommended technicians are experienced with Mac and PC, so no matter what computer you’re using, we can help! Here are a few examples of how we can help.

Install hardware components

Our Geeks will install any hardware components that you require. Regardless of if you have pre purchased the hardware or choose to purchase the component from us, we are ready to install and configure the new device for you.

Install necessary drivers

If you are wondering what a driver is, this is product specific software that makes all your hardware, operating system and additional devices talk to each other and operate smoothly together. Any specific drivers that are required for new hardware will be downloaded and installed on your computer by our Geek.

Testing to ensure optimal performance

When the work is complete, we will finish by conducting a series of tests to ensure that your new hardware is functioning correctly to its optimum performance.

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