Server Installation

Our geeks can also develop web based applications for just about anything to best suit the requirements on your website.

Why does your business need a server?

A server is essentially a storage for data which multiple clients can interact with and exchange, store and access data from. A server is a necessary addition to any business that wants to keep communication and the exchange of data safe and seamless between its employees and the business environment.

Installation and Configuration

Our team of experts can masterfully install and configure a server to function with your business so that your business workflow and the data it shares on a day-to-day basis is well managed.

Regular Updates and Support

Security updates and maintenance on your server can be done by our geeks regularly to make sure that your business runs smoothly and obstacle free.

Backup and Recovery

Already have a server with a lot of data to back up? We will go through the process of backing up and restoring your data without any risk of data loss for your business. This is especially helpful during server upgrades.

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