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20 September 2022 17:02 PM/

Cyber Security

With the increase in zero-day viruses and malware that are being identified by cyber security consultants, we all need to install antivirus on our devices. Especially when younger or older people are using the computer. 


Currently we are witnessing a massive increase in the number of hacks and malware infections over the past six months. Not all are not successful, however a substantial percentage of the attacks are successful resulting in the loss of time, money and identity.  

If you are using a phone number as your WiFi password, then you should change it immediately. Using the rite equipment and software, a phone number could be cracked within the hour. So, you say no big deal I have unlimited WiFi. Once they are connected to the home router, they are a trusted source. If your router is not setup correctly, the intruder can have access to all the devices connected to the network. All Devices, CCTV, smart TV, WIFI doorbell camera, home computers and much more.


This is the playground of hackers and can plant or inject malware that will allow them complete access to all your devices.  

My message today is ensure your router is configured correctly ensure you have a quality antivirus installed. 

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